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English information

Welcome to Het Spaarne

The Royal Rowing and Sailing Club Het Spaarne was founded in 1885 and has around 1000 members. This makes us one of the oldest and largest rowing and sailing clubs in the Netherlands. We row on the Spaarne, the ring canal of the Haarlemmermeer and on the canals of Haarlem. We sail on the 'Mooie nel' between Haarlem and Spaarndam.
Our goal is to promote rowing and sailing and give our members the opportunity to practice these sports. Almost everything at the association is carried out by the members themselves on a voluntary basis, under the motto "by members, for members". Staff are only employed for the technical maintenance of the fleet and building. Rowing and sailing instruction is therefore a matter for the members themselves: experienced members pass on their knowledge and experience to new members.

What do we have to offer you?
You can row and sail with us. And if you can't do that yet, we're happy to teach you. Rowing and sailing can be done all year round, as long as the weather permits. We also give rowing lessons all year round. We give sailing lessons from April to October.

We have a beautiful fleet of about 100 rowing boats and 10 sailing boats. Most boats can be used by anyone, provided you have the correct tests. Part of the rowing fleet is reserved for our national and international top rowers.

Our bar is open on weekends and Wednesday evenings. Wednesday evening is our club night. From April to October you can also come for dinner on Wednesday evenings (please register in advance). We also organize all kinds of events: rowing trips, rowing competitions and sailing trips.

We also have room for people with disabilities who need extra guidance or aids to row or sail.

Membership and registration
Memberships with us are per calendar year. Registration is possible all year round, the minimum age is 10 years. You can find the registration form here (in Dutch).
If you can already row, you can probably become a member very quickly. You come and row once, we will see which tests you will receive and then you can use the boats of Het Spaarne to row independently.
If you can't row yet, we are happy to teach you. When you can come rowing depends on your training capacity: there may be a waiting period. The training courses for adults start throughout the year. The training for youth members starts at various times during the year. The available capacity in the youth training determines the moment of entry for novice rowers.
Not sure yet whether rowing or sailing is for you? Then come and meet us first. Then you can participate for two months. You then decide whether or not you will remain a member.

Membership fees
We collect the contribution by direct debit. We do this in two installments: the first in January and the second in March. If you become a member during the year, you will of course only pay for the remaining part of the calendar year. You can see the costs below.

Basic contribution 2024
Adults (18 years or older) €348
Children (under 18 years) €297

Additional costs
KNRB contribution
- Adults €45
- Youth €25
KNWV contribution (only for sailors) €
- Adults € 25,-
- Youth € 13,-

To cancel
Do you want to stop rowing or sailing with us? Then cancel your membership on time. Do this no later than November 30, otherwise you will still be a member the following year. You can cancel by email to the membership secretariat:

Do you have any questions?
Please contact us. This can be done by email via...
(new youth members up to 18 years old)
(new adult members, 18 years and older)
(for questions about sailing training)
(for questions about your membership and cancellation)